@oncemusical #oncetour


I can't even describe how incredible @OnceMusical was tonight! An absolutely breathtaking performance I'm so glad I got to see!


Intermission at #OnceMusical - amazing so far! Interesting scene transitions and absolutely lovable characters.


@thelittledewaal @OnceMusical you were absolutely amazing on tour! Thanks for introducing me to my favorite musical.


Loving @OnceMusical @ATTPAC as much as I did the first time I saw it! #OnceMusical


Fun night seeing the lovely @OnceMusical with my favorites


Saw @OnceMusical on tour @tpac on Thursday and I can't stop thinking about it 3 days later that's how much I loved that cast #OnceMusical


You really out did yourself. Amazing work @OnceMusical


Finally saw "Once" and it was absolutely amazing @OnceMusical


@OnceMusical fantastic! Haven't been able to stop listening to the music! Thank you for a great night!


@OnceMusical It was beautiful! I loved every minute!


So. Damn. Good. @OnceMusical #Broadway


@OnceMusical The show was awesome! Especially the party at the bar before the show!


My new favorite broadway show! Brilliant cast!!! #broadway #nyc #Once #OnceMusical #playbill…


Once was AMAZING #oncemusical #speechless


Absolutely brilliant. #OnceMusical


@OnceMusical is definitely something different... I love it! #oncemusical


Best musical on Broadway? YES! #oncemusical


What else do you do after seeing #OnceMusical than come home and listen to the Broadway soundtrack?


An incredible and unique experience @OnceMusical today. I still have goosebumps! #offmybucketlist


@OnceMusical That was fantastic! I had tears on my face and Kit Kat bar melted on my shirt.


Saw @OnceMusical last night! Beautiful show, lovely performers.


Thank You @OnceMusical for another brilliant night !!! I cried the whole show; as always. But I will be back. That's what I call talent!


@OnceMusical amazing AGAIN! All of the cast were sensational! This HAS To go on tour, even my dad was crying!


Sometimes I'm so focused on the new season, I forget how great some ongoing broadway productions are (I'm looking at you @OnceMusical)


@OnceMusical beautiful show - was teary eyed from the start - in awe of the musicians and their performances


@OnceMusical was honestly magic on a stage. Everyone is so incredibly talented. So beautiful.


Saw @OnceMusical today, it was so very lovely. Enchanted my freakin' face off. <3


Finally saw @OnceMusical and I'm blown away. Feeling all the feelings.


@OnceMusical Brilliant show in NYC! I can't get it out of my heart. #bravo